The tournament will play at the Cesare Benatti sports field (Moena - TN) and the participation is open to teams of athletes of all levels, divided into the following categories

  • 3x3 Female
  • 3x3 Male
  • 4x4 Mixed (two men and two women on the court).

For the 3x3 M/F teams, is allowed one reserve per team, while for the 4x4 Mixed are allowed two reserves per team. Athletes which are part of one team cannot be part of other teams in the same category but can be part of other teams in a different category. Participation in the tournament requires agreeing to the “General Rules and Regulations”.

King and Queen

The participants of the 3x3 M/F categories will earn points for the Italian ranking of the Snow Volley Tour's title of King and Queen of the Snow and will be able to participate in the further stages of the Tour ( and at the famousGrand Finale which will take place in Prato Nevoso (CN). After each leg the points collected by each athlete will be added to those accumulated by the same athlete in the last 365 days, thus composing the overall classification of the Snow Volley Tour. The male and female Snow-volleyball players that accumulate the most points during all Snow Volley competitions that are played in Italy and recognized by Snow Volley Italia (on the basis of the published table on be awarded with the title of King and Queen.

Game Formula

Qualification stage (first game day) within groups of more teams. The provisional ranking will be drawn up based on the points quotient earned by each team for each category; with the same points quotient, the best positions are assigned on the basis of the registration’s date.

The final round (second game day) will take place on the basis of the aforesaid ranking with single or doubleelimination matches, it depends by the number of teams in the category. All matches, including finals, will be played as a single set to 15 points, with a maximum of 17 points. The 3x3 M/F matches will take place on Friday and Saturday, the 4x4 Mixed matches will take place on Saturday and Sunday.  The matches ofevery cathegory wil take place from 10:00 to 16:30. The game formulas may be subject to change based on the number of registered teams.


Refereeing will be performed in rotation by the same athletes according to the competition program provided at the check-in.
The final matches will be supervised by federal referees.
All matches must be played in accordance with the rule of “fair play": athletes must accept the referee’s decisions and be respectful of all the other participants and referees; otherwise the Tournament Director has the right to decide, (at his own discretion), to exclude the participant from the tournament without any obligation of refund.

Filling-out reports and Check of final results

All the participants refereeing the matches, have to fill-out reports. The final score must be clear, legible and must be signed by both teams for acceptance.

In the case of non-validation, match results will still be considered valid and registered. All teams must verify the accuracy of the final results of their matches displayed on the scoreboard at the secretariat area of the tournament. Results have to be checked within 20 minutes of the end of the match. After that time, requests for any results corrections will not be possible.

Note. For classification purposes, match score results that are deemed unclear, illegible or are deemed to be unmistakably false, will not be taken into consideration.

Rules regarding tardiness and concurrences

Teams that are “no shows”, teams with players missing or teams that arrive on the court with delays of more than 5 minutes over the scheduled match time will forfeit the match with a score of 0-15. 
To the winning team for forfeit will not be assigned any score.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, a maximum delay of 40 minutes will be granted, with respect to the times indicated in the tournament reports, to teams composed of one or more athletes who are engaged in playing matches in different game categories at the time of being called to the court. Beyond this 40 minute delay, the Tournament Director will ask teams to choose which match they wish to play in and therefore, which match they will forfeit.

Unfavourable weather conditions and other external events

The tournament will usually take place under most weather conditions. Obviously, under certain extreme weather conditions (or other external events) the Tournament Director has the right to decide at his discretion, one or more suspension of the matches and decree their resumption when and if external conditions allow it.

In the event of the match’s resumption, the score set at the time of suspension will be maintained. In case of definitive suspension of the matches during the qualifying round, provisional rankings will be drawn up on the basis of the results achieved by each team at the time of suspension; to those teams that have not yet played any match, a point ratio equal to the average of the points calculated on the matches played in the original category will be assigned by forfeit; in the event of an equal point ratio, the ranking position will be determined by the registration date.

For all game categories, in case of no dispute of all the matches in the qualifying rounds, the ranking position will be determined by the date of enrollment.

In the event of definitive suspension during the final round, the prize money, with the exception of that which has already been awarded, will be evenly distributed amongst those teams that were still playing at the time of the match’s suspension, as long as the amount per team is not equal to or less than € 50,00.

The tournament Director could also modify, at his own discretion the match formula, in the event of significant delays in the match schedules that will occur during the tournament.