Registration must be completed no later than the second deadline: on Thursday January 23rd, linking to “How to register”. To complete the registration is required the entry of the data in the Registration Portal and the payment of the team fee and any other requests like stay, policies, services, etc.

A € 25,00 late fee will be added to the team fee and the requests for accommodation-only if they are completed after the first deadline: January 16th.

The balance of any other fees for athletes, accommodations and optional services must be paid in cash at the time of check-in, unless otherwise agreed with the organizing secretary.

Registration’s confirmation will be communicated by e-mail to the contract manager within ten working days immediately after receipt of the payment. If enrollment confirmation is not received after ten working days from the time of sending, the person in charge of the contract is asked to contact the organizing secretary (telephone 041.595.06.12, cell 320.90.18.899 - 338.27.12.384).

For withdrawals before the departure date, the penalty amount as indicated in art. 7 of the "General terms and conditions of sale of a tourist package" will be charged. The registration is considered formalized with the online sending of the requested documentation and with the successful conclusion of the payment.

ATTENTION: Insertion of information in the “registration portal”, or just payment alone, will have no value and not be considered complete for the purpose of registration.

Documentation for registration



Access to the “registration portal”, register by entering the requested data. Oncce registered you can manage your registration in the riserve area.



Choose the event date, enter the athletes, the game category and request your preferred stay.



Proceed by paying by credit card directly from the registration portal or by bank transfer, to be attached to your file.



Come to the MIZUNO SNOW VOLLEY MARATHON® and bring us your contract also directly to your phone.

Participation form (reservation request for package/tourist service)

You have to access in the registration portal and register for the event by entering the requested data. At the end of the procedure, the online data entry will remain valid for the duration of five days within which the payment must be made to complete the registration.

ATTENTION: for registrations done near the second deadline it is clear that the deadline for completing the registration is January 23rd.


Registration must be completed, following the on line procedure, by making payment via credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or via bank transfer. For payments by bank transfer, it is requested to attach the payment receipt: the SVM and name of the referent. The bank transfer must be made to Raduni Sportivi srl (via Milano, 2 / b - 30020 Marcon - Ve) on the current account no. 1313 of Banco Popolare - Venice Branch, San Leonardo, 1906 (IBAN: IT61 L 05034 02013 000000001313 - SWIFT: BAPPIT21603).

Athlete’s card/release form

Online registration procedures must be followed, entering all the required data. For athletes underage the authorization to participate at the tournament must be given by the parent/tutor, who consents to the participation of the minor as an athlete, attaching a copy of his/her identity document.

Note. Any changes and/or additions to the list of athletes (for example: inclusion of new athletes, integration of missing data, etc.) can be carried out directly at the time of check-in. Only a maximum two “names replacements” for the 3x3 M/F and 4x4 Mixed category will be allowed.

Medical certificate

To participate in the tournament as an athlete you must have a medical certificate for non-competitive sports (certificate of health status) or, alternatively, a medical certificate for competitive sports suitability – which must be valid for the dates of the event/tournament. During the registration, the medical certificates of the team members must be attached online. However, during the check-in, a doctor will be available for those wishing to request a medical examination for the issuing of certificates.